Carbon Science Solutions (CSS), formed in Lexington, Kentucky, is the producer of high quality-engineered carbon materials that will be used in the environmental, energy and electronics markets. CSS has developed an innovative and scalable process to convert various feed-stocks, such as bourbon distillery waste, into value-added, carbon-rich solids. The disposal of bourbon manufacturing waste often referred to as stillage, has become a major economic issue for distilleries. We have developed and established a patented process that converts waste product generated from bourbon distilleries into value-added products having the potential for achieving high-profit margin.

The manufacturing process is not limited to bourbon stillage. Other forms of waste carbohydrates can serve as feed-stock, including waste from breweries, vineyards and a host of other agricultural and food processing by-products. The carbon materials resulting from this revolutionary process have a wide range of market applications, including energy storage (Lithium ion batteries and super-capacitors, which require very high purity activated carbons), air and water purification (residential and commercial absorptive carbons needed to address the removal of heavy metals and volatile organic compounds), electronically conductive films and paints (an emerging technology that includes advanced sensor coatings and conformable shape touch screens), automotive (as vehicles become more electrified), healthcare and numerous others. The performance metrics of our materials exceed that of other carbon materials derived from traditional bio-polymers such as coconut shell, saw dust and coal. In many cases, we can offer these advanced performance materials at lower cost than other carbons using traditional manufacturing methods.

CSS’s innovative manufacturing process allows both chemical and physical properties of the carbon materials to be engineered or tailored at the molecular level. The capability to control material properties in this manner greatly enhances our ability to target specific customer requirements, and harmful chemical byproducts which are produced or released into the environment using conventional production methods are minimized or eliminated completely. Additional benefits come from the unique spherical and the uniform morphology of the individual carbon particles which allows them to be processed more easily, packed more densely and outperform traditional carbons in both energy and power density, and adsorption efficiency. The engineered carbons developed in our process are high in purity which is not only a major benefit for many energy storage applications but also translates into lower manufacturing costs and higher profit margins as expensive material processing steps can be eliminated. CSS’s process allows unprecedented control over material properties not attainable in traditional carbon manufacturing, enabling emerging technology applications and markets.

CSS’ business model offers:

  • A distinctive technology based on chemical and engineering design principles
  • Manufacture of scale and process economics to develop an environmentally-friendly conversion process into a sustainable enterprise that ultimately supplies advanced materials to the energy and environmental remediation markets

As the demand continues to grow for worldwide high-value, low-cost carbon materials, CSS is poised to provide the market place with high-performance, low-cost environmental and energy storage materials using a one-of-a-kind disruptive technology that represents a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of conventional carbon materials.


Gary Cullen

Mr. Cullen is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Columbia Law School, spent 31 years at international law firm Skadden Arps where he concentrated on mergers and acquisitions, financings, joint ventures and other transactional and board level matters. In the financing arena, he led many financings in various industries in private equity raises, greenfield projects, bank loans, IPOs and high yield financings for high growth companies.

Mr. Cullen has been recognized for Corporate/M&A in Chambers Global: The Leading Lawyers for Business; Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business; The Best Lawyers in America; Leading Lawyers in Illinois (a number of top 10 rankings); and other publications.

Currently, Mr. Cullen is working with a number of companies in strategic, fundraising and other matters.

Robert A. Moore

In 2000, Mr. Moore formed RAM Capital Partners to assist privately held, entrepreneurial companies with capital formation and strategic planning. In 2005, Mr. Moore formed an investor group and served for three years as CFO and then two years as CEO for a technology company in the supply chain management industry, where he led the successful turn around and sale of the company. From 2011 to 2015 he was the CFO and Managing Director of a start-up intellectual property licensing company with responsibility for all accounting and financial reporting and capital formation. In this assignment he assisted in raising nearly $20 million over a three-year period.

For five years, Mr. Moore has been an adjunct professor at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. There he has taught two sections (MBA and Undergraduate) of Funding New Ventures, a course designed to prepare students for financing start-up and early stage companies. In addition, he was a founding member of Charleston Angel Partners and is a member of the Irish Angel network, associated with the University of Notre Dame.

Prior to RAM Capital Partners, Mr. Moore was a Managing Director in Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette’s Media and Telecommunications Group in Investment Banking.

Carbon Science Solutions (“CSS”) has developed an innovative and scalable process that converts various feedstocks such as bourbon distillery waste into value-added, carbon-rich solids.

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