Carbon Science Solutions (CSS), formed in Lexington, Kentucky, is the producer of high quality-engineered carbon materials that will be used in the environmental, energy and electronics markets. CSS has developed an innovative and scalable process to convert various feed-stocks, such as bourbon distillery waste, into value-added, carbon-rich solids. The disposal of bourbon manufacturing waste often referred to as stillage, has become a major economic issue for distilleries. We have developed and established a patented process that converts waste product generated from bourbon distilleries into value-added products having the potential for achieving high-profit margin.

The manufacturing process is not limited to bourbon stillage. Other forms of waste carbohydrates can serve as feed-stock, including waste from breweries, vineyards and a host of other agricultural and food processing by-products. The carbon materials resulting from this revolutionary process have a wide range of market applications, including energy storage (Lithium ion batteries and super-capacitors, which require very high purity activated carbons), air and water purification (residential and commercial absorptive carbons needed to address the removal of heavy metals and volatile organic compounds), electronically conductive films and paints (an emerging technology that includes advanced sensor coatings and conformable shape touch screens), automotive (as vehicles become more electrified), healthcare and numerous others. The performance metrics of our materials exceed that of other carbon materials derived from traditional bio-polymers such as coconut shell, saw dust and coal. In many cases, we can offer these advanced performance materials at lower cost than other carbons using traditional manufacturing methods.

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